Magnetic Poetry

When we first purchased Wordwood, Pete made us a a double bunk bed so his daughter could sleep up top. Sadly, she has outgrown it now. So, we have taken the top bunk down. This means that we have also taken down the ceiling of Pete and my bed, that was magnetic and covered in magnetic poetry words. Here are the best of Margie’s poems …

not hand of god
heavenly arrow
angel kiss
make paradise
time will name your passion
your essence call
come through crazy
strong passionate
mad cupid dance on
for we lovers
play music
while forever stops
blissful heart song
delicious night air
beautiful moonlight
wonderful day over
consume evening
ignite a star
faithful fire
good wine
sleep entwined
him tell of
she monster fight
then magic woman plot
fang through eye
people live good
he was a difficult hero
dog eared
heart crackly
of strange imaginings
and short
soul’s dream
voiced by story
always given over too soon
an epic whisper
curl up on a chair
beneath the cover
with a book
and be happy
here wander there
a world in a day
my favourite volume is life I think therefore I sigh


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