Lots of lepidoptera

Lepidoptera is an order of insects including butterflies and moth. Post the drought and bushfires in our part of Queensland, there have been lots of lepidopterans. One afternoon in April, Pete spotted 14 species on our property. Not to mention those that wouldn’t be still for identification!

Here is one of our favourties – common epicoma moth. Can’t help thinking it is Donald Trump, but beautiful!

Nest box carving

Ben Sparshott (14 years old!) demonstrated carving a nest box for microbats at the Inaugural Friends of Land for Wildlife Toowoomba Region catch up at Wordwood in July 2019. Lots about the new group to come …

Boxing wallabies

Thought …


En plein air no more

The walls are up! We now have privacy in the ablutions rooms we have decided to call The Depository and The Soapbox. As the temperature was down to less than 1 degree celsius this morning, I am keen to get the hot water installed! First, I await the doors …

Greenhood orchids

With the rain and cooler weather the greenhood orchids have popped up in a Wordwood mini-scree slope. For more about Wordwood’s flora click here Wordwood Flora.

Glossy blacks

The she-oaks are spreading on Wordwood. This means more feed trees for the vulnerable glossy black cockatoos. Pete captured some feeding in the afternoon sun today. For more information about Wordwood’s fauna click here Wordwood Fauna

Glossy black cockatoos feeding on a black she-oak tree at Wordwood

Owlet nightjar egg?

Spying in our next boxes Easter 2019, we came across an egg shell from an unknown critter. We think it might be from an owlet nightjar because it is the right size and we have seen them using our boxes in the past. Here’s hoping!

The Easter Glider

We just had an Easter camping weekend with friends at Wordwood.

We used a GoPro and a torch wire-tied to a stick to look into the nest boxes the same friends had helped us build and hang in a late 2016 camping weekend.

About six squirrel gliders were nesting in one of the boxes. Cute doesn’t begin to say it!