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I like this place and could willing waste my time in it

– Shakespeare
This page records our favourite things to do in the Hampton High Country region around Wordwood, its nearest ‘big smoke’, Toowoomba, and on the drive up from Brisbane. The things to do mentioned are only a fraction of the ever growing list of heritage, foody, craft and eco attractions in the region. The page should be read with the links on the right that provide more details about the attractions mentioned (and from which all the photos below on this page are sourced).


Tourist Information and Heritage Sites

Crows Nest Town centre + Crowns Nest Museum & Historical Village (see the photo far left below) Crow’s Nest has an historic town square and buildings. It is a walk from the town centre to the museum. The town includes a huge secondhand bookshop and a couple of ‘true opportunity’ opshops.
Hampton Hampton Visitors Information Centre + Reushle Cottage As well as providing tourist information, the information centre is located in a historic building.
Highfields Highfields Pioneer Village
Perseverance / Ravensbourne Munro’s Tramway (see the photo second left below) In the late 19th and early 20th centuries the tramway serviced logging and milling operations in the Hampton, Perseverance and Ravensbourne areas. Remnants of its route are now a Queensland Great Short Walk. A relic locomotive is on display at the entry to Ravensbourne National Park (Beutel’s Lookout).
Toowoomba Cobb & Co Museum (see the photo first right below) This museum has permanent local and transport history displays. It often has good events. It also has a good cafe and museum shop.
Toowoomba Empire Theatre (see the photo far right below) This theatre is restored art deco. It often has good acts.
birth place of ray white Cobb + Co Museum Toowoomba Image result for empire theatre

Farm Visits, Food and Wine

Carbarlah Colours of San Cris This cafe has good food and South American clothes and homewares for sale.
Crows Nest Bunnyconnellen Olive Grove & Vineyard (see the photo far left below) Bunnyconnellen offers tasting and sales of selected local olives and wines including a very quaffable sparkling. It also offers generous lunch platters to be eaten with a glass or two whilst sitting under fig trees looking out on a farm view. Interesting homewares shop. Very friendly.
Esk Julie’s at the Rectory This cafe is a good food stop on the trip from Brisbane to Wordwood.
Hampton Emeraude: A Micro-Region Restaurant (see the photo second left below) Chef Amanda Hind and her husband Larry’s new restaurant is outstanding: by itself a reason to visit the region. It specialises in local produce.
Hampton Half Moon Farm (see the photo first right below) This is market gardener and writer Justin Russell and his wife Kylie’s farm. It supplies Emeraude and runs a weekend produce stall.
Hampton Hampton Blue Orchard This is an organic blueberry and raspberry orchard. It also supplies Emeraude. It is open by appointment.
Peachy Paddock to Pottage This is a free range pig farm and cafe open weekends and by appointment. Margie’s niece had her 8th birthday party at the farm and the girls all got in with the baby pigs. One of the girls described it as the best day of her life so far. It is high on Margie’s list of great days too!
Wivenhoe Dam Cormorant Bay Cafe & Kiosk (see the photo far right below) This cafe is another good food stop on the trip from Brisbane to Wordwood. Eat on a deck over the water.
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Arts and Crafts

Crows Nest Crows Nest Community Arts & Crafts (see the photos below) This centre has an extensive collection of work by local artisans for sale.
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Parks and National Parks

Crows Nest Lake Cressbrook (see the photo on the top right of this page) The park at the lake has good picnic facilities including a public beach volley ball court. Boating is permitted.
Crows Nest Crows Nest National Park (see the photo on the left below) This national park has good swimming holes accessible by short walks. Once we had an amazing encounter with a puggle (baby echidna) at this park. It seemed to be too young to have developed a fear of humans and was sniffing around a campsite looking for ants. When Margie sat down, it was quite happy to wander over and shelter in her shade. It made no objection when Pete picked it up to move it off the road. 
Crows Nest Applegum Walk – Bullocky’s Rest Park – Waterbird Habitat – Hartmann Park Walk This is a short nature walk, itself located a short walk from the centre of Crow’s Nest.
Highfields Peacehaven Botanical Park (see the centre photo below) This botanical garden specialises in Australian native plants – over 200 species across 4.7 hectares. It also has a nursery selling to the public.
Ravensbourne Ravensbourne National Park + Beutel’s Lookout (see the photo on the left below) Short rainforest walks. Good picnic facilities.
Wivenhoe Dam Cormorant Bay Good picnic facilities near the water.
A small sandy beach allows access to Kauyoo Pool. Photo NPSR The Gus Beutel lookout is close to the Cedar Block day-use area. Photo Karen Smith, Qld Govt.
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