Creepy Crawlies


If you love creepy crawlies, we have photos for you on our page ‘Fauna’. If anyone has an idea what any of them are, please leave a comments telling us!





2 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies

  1. Hi Judy

    Thanks heaps! I have updated our Creepy-Crawlies page and feel quite empowered by my new knowledge!

    Congratulations on 10 years. We would love to come see your property sometime. Would it be ok if I gave you a call next time we are up?

    Pete and I have got to the point that, while we are stuck living in Brisbane, our hearts are at Wordwood.


  2. Hi Fellow Land for Wildlife Owners,

    Thanks for your latest update – I LOVE the spider web photos – they are fabulous!

    I had a look at your creepy crawly page and can give you an i.d. for a couple of pics.

    Third Row of photos (butterflies & moths) Left hand photo of Green Moth is called an Emerald Moth (Oenochroma infantilis) Middle photo is a Glasswing Butterfly (Acraea andromacha) Right hand photo is a Meadow Argus Butterfly (Junonia villida)

    The next row, the Bug from May 2016 is a Nymph Gum Tree Shield Bug (Theseus modestus) Then under that, your Spider is a Grey Huntsman Spider (Holconia immanis)

    and your ‘ trap door’ is most likely from a Wolf Spider – but don’t quote me on that, just suggesting it as they are common here too.

    Hope this helps. We have just celebrated 10 years of owning our little patch of Land for Wildlife ‘Jarowair’ at Kleinton and are still discovering new things all the time. Hope that this finds you both well, I apologise that I don’t leave comments on your blog often enough – however I am often looking at your new posts.

    Kind Regards,

    Judi Gray

    Judi Gray 0458 155 177

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